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A progressive/experimental rock band based out of Portland, OR

Scott Jeffries: guitar, bass (6,7), electric piano (9), lead vocals (except 6), backing vocals (4), engineering and mixing
Kobi LaCroix: keyboard, programming, lead vocals (6), backing vocals, cover art
Lexi Stern: bass (1-4,8,9)
Scott Melville: drums

Latest Album: GR.

Released July 12, 2017

GR Cover

Pop/Rock Originals


Released April 1, 2018

In November 2017, Kobi LaCroix took part in NaSoAlMo, a musical challenge in which participants are given a month to write, record, and release an album, which must be at least 30 minutes long. This was to be his attempt at the outrun/retro/synthwave genre, although not everything he ended up producing would necessarily fit this category. “FOXRUN Demo” is an album of some of the finished instrumentals from that project.

“FOXRUN Demo” is available at Bandcamp at name-your-own-price.

FOXRUN Demo Cover

A Special Kind of Love mp3 ogg Lyrics coming soon!
Coyotes Don't Disco mp3 ogg Lyrics
Coyotes Don't Disco (October 2010 Mix) mp3 ogg Lyrics

BloodFireGraphite: The Demos
Released 2008

Reaction mp3 ogg Lyrics coming soon!
It's Raining mp3 ogg Lyrics coming soon!
Beautiful Life mp3   Lyrics coming soon!
Stunt Gospel mp3 ogg Lyrics coming soon!

Comedy & Novelty

Grapefruit Teeth: A Compendium of Industrial Dixieland Tone Poems for Fiddle and Fire Hydrant, Chapter 1: Rise of the Hyena People

grapefruit teeth cover
Christmas in Bizarro World (featuring Pepper Coyote) Christmas in Bizarro World (featuring Pepper Coyote) by Kobi LaCroix
The Peddler: A Half-Assed Translation mp3 ogg Lyrics
CNR CNR by Kobi LaCroix | Twenty-Six and a Half
Original by "Weird Al" Yankovic
This song is featured on the tribute album, "Twenty-Six and a Half"
Brutomax! Mix by DJ Enigma's Puzzle Factory mp3
We Are the Vikings (2010 Version) mp3 ogg Lyrics
Johnny's Got a Problem mp3 ogg Lyrics coming soon!

The following is a series of fake commercials for an energy drink called BRUTOMAX! (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the name).
These were inspired by the popular "Powerthirst" and "Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator" ads that can be found on YouTube.

Brutomax! mp3 ogg Transcript coming soon!
Brutomax! The Sequel! mp3 ogg Transcript coming soon!
Brutomax! 3: Revenge of the Canned mp3 ogg Transcript
Brutomax! 4: Why Are We Still Doing This? mp3 ogg Transcript

Resolutions mp3 ogg Lyrics
O Christmas Tree (Parody) mp3 ogg Lyrics
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